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Backend Development

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The Backend Development course is an online in-depth7 weeks program designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to architect, develop, and manage the server-side logic of web applications. This course focuses on backend technologies, databases, server scripting, and API development such as Python, Django, PostgresDB, Git and GitHub.


- Introduction to backend technologies and their role in web development.
- Overview of server-side languages and frameworks.
- Understanding databases and their significance in backend architecture.
- 3 Class tasks.
- Group project for the week.

- Basics of Python programming language and its application in backend development. .
- Overview of data types, functions, and control structures.
- 3 Class tasks.
- Group project for the week.

- Introduction to Git: Basic commands, version control.
- Collaborative development with GitHub: Branches, pull requests.
- 3 Class tasks.
- Group project for the week.

- Introduction to the Django framework.
- Creating a Django project and app.
- Defining models and setting up the database.
- 3 Class tasks.
- Group project for the week.

- Querying the database using Django ORM.·
- Implementing relationships in models.
- Using Django forms for data input.
- 3 Class tasks.
- Group project for the week.

- Introduction to building APIs.
- Creating RESTful APIs with DRF.
- Authentication and permissions.
- Testing and debugging APIs.
- 2 Class tasks.
- Group project for the week.

- Personal Branding.
- Freelancing.
- Resume review.
- LinkedIn Optimization.
- Job Application.
- Interview Preparation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Backend Development?

Backend development involves working on the server-side of web applications. It focuses on building the behind-the-scenes functionality that powers the user interface created by frontend developers. This includes handling data, server management, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the application.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in web development with a specific focus on the server-side. Whether you're a beginner or have some programming experience, this course is structured to cater to a range of skill levels.

Are there any prerequisites for the course?

While no specific prerequisites are required, a basic understanding of programming concepts will be beneficial. The course is designed to accommodate learners with varying levels of experience, including those new to backend development.

What tools and software will I need?

You'll need a computer with internet access. The course will guide you on setting up a code editor (such as Visual Studio Code), using web browsers for testing, and working with version control systems like Git. Specific tools required for the course will be communicated.

Who are the course instructors?

The instructors for our Backend Development course are seasoned professionals and experts in the field of software development. They bring a wealth of local and international  real-world experience and expertise to the classroom. Our team of instructors comprises of some of Maxify Global staff and consultants.

Will there be any industry projects or assignments?

Yes, participants will engage in both individual and cross-functional group projects, collaborating with other backend developers, UI/UX designers and frontend developers simulating real-world workplace scenarios, and apply their learning to create design solutions for practical problems.

What can I expect after completing this course?

Upon completion of this Backend Development Course, you can anticipate a transformative experience that equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the backend development landscape. They will also receive a certificate of completion and join a career mentorship and support network.

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